Peransang Rentap

Genre : ACTION Language : IBAN Classification : NA Actors : Distributor: Empire Film Solution
Cast: Vincent Mallang, Diana Johor, Charlmay, Emmanuel Reuben, Ethel Lampai
Director: Lina Johor

Synopsis :

Peransang Rentap

Having admired the brave Sarawakian warrior Rentap, Jenang has a dream of joining his fight against the British. However, much to his disappointment, Jenang is not allowed to participate. A chance encounter with Entiang, a girl from the opposite village, leads to him falling for her. Things only get tougher for Jenang, as now he has to face off with Jambai to win Entiang\\\'s heart.

Time of show: 02/11/2017 - 15/11/2017


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