Killer Not Stupid 杀手不笨 (CNY 2019)

Genre : ACTION/COMEDY Language : MANDARIN Classification : NA Actors :
Director: Jack Neo 梁志强
Cast: Jay Shih 是元介, Amber An 安心亚, Na Dou 纳豆, Gadric Chin 傻豹, Apple Chan 陈芷尤, Lin Mei Hsiu 林美秀

Synopsis :
Killer Feng is an Assassin with a hidden agenda. After completing the last job with his partner Mark, who is a Sniper, Tech and Escape expert all rolled into one, they uncovered a mysterious plot containing secrets in a USB drive dubbed the 100k. This was to be their last job because they have decided to quit the secret Organisation they worked. But no one quits the Organisation alive. They kept the 100k as a bargaining chip, and goes into hiding at Taichung in Taiwan. On inspection of the 100k name list, the police found out that the number 1 terrorist on the list is a high ranking Philippines Government Official, Odof. After confirming with the CIA, the Taiwanese Police realized that Odof is also the Asian Head of the Terrorists. Both sides prepare for a final show down. As the gun fights and action ramp up, will Killer Feng, Mark, Sha Bao, Talia and Ira be able to come out alive?

Time of show: 04/02/2019 - 20/02/2019


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