Detention 【返校】

Genre : Horror Language : MANDARIN Classification : NA Actors :
    John Hsu
  • CAST
    Gingle Wang, Fu Meng Po, Tseng Jing Hua, Cecilia Choi

Synopsis : In 1962, a sense of desolation and tension permeate the society. Fang Ray-shin, a twelfth grader at Tsuihua Senior High School, falls in love with Zhang Ming-hui, a counselling teacher. Troubled by the problems at school and home, Fang feels that Zhang Ming-hui is the only person who understands her.

Longing for freedom, Zhang Ming-hui forms a study group with his colleagues and students, including Yin Cui-Han and Wei Zhong-ting. Reading the banned books allows them to be liberated for a brief moment but at the same time, they put their lives in great danger.

One day, Zhang Ming-hui vanishes into thin air, and only Fang Ray-shin and Wei Zhong-ting, an eleventh grader, remember him.
Time of show: 09/01/2020 - 22/01/2020


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