Genre : Language : KOREAN Classification : 16 Actors : Cast: Choi Min-Sik, Kim Go-Eun, Yoo Hae-Jin, Lee Do-Hyun Director: Jang Jae-Hyun
Synopsis : After suffering from serial paranormal events, a wealthy family living in LA summons rising shaman duo Hwa Rim and Bong Gil to save their newborn. Once they arrive, Hwa Rim senses that an ancestor`s dark shadow has latched onto the family in a so-called "Grave Calling". The pair go with expert geomancer Sang Deok and mortician Yeong Geun to the ancestor`s grave, which is in a remote Korean village. Unaware of the consequences, they exhume the body, unleashing a malevolent force buried deep underneath.
Time of show: 08/03/2024 - 10/04/2024


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